Our Approach

Universal Media Flow, Inc. is targeting to develop the best infotainment system in your car, the one that is - the best there is, and is perfect. It will be a piece of technology built simple, yet powerful, and the one you will use all the time safely as you drive or commute in any car. We believe that we can do this better than our competitors, and that we have a greater vision of how our solution can mature over the years in the future.

Our Story

Commuting every day to work and using your car infotainment system could be a frustrating and distracting experience on the road. With the constant pop-ups from apps, switching between applications, closing advertisements, following map directions, taking a call, and yet enjoying your personal media, drivers and passengers face this impossible task with the currently available products. The idea for our solution and the company behind it was born out of pain from using traditional applications and infotainment systems currently on the market today, and a strong need for great infotainment experience that is safe, user-friendly and accessible to everyone.

Blue Vortex

Meet the Team

These are the people who feel passionate about our product and dedicate their time to do something better for everyone, to leave a trace and make an impact!


Ivo Georgiev

Founder & CEO

Ivo has started his 25 year professional career as a software developer, later transitioned and established himself as Enterprise Technology Architect and experienced Network Engineer specializing in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning and procedures. He has expert level knowledge for design and implementation of Enterprise level messaging using Microsoft Exchange, and is well versed in building complex network infrastructures using Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory. Ivo’s passion in the professional world today is everything around mobility and communications, and this is how the idea for this company was born. Ivo’s personal time is divided between his family, sports and his Hi-Fi audio vintage electronics collection, which he proudly shares and continues to grow.


Ognyan Uzunov


Finance Information Systems professional with expertise in:
• Leading the redesign and automation of Accounting and Finance operations
• Organizing the outsourcing of standardized processes as AP and AR, JE posting, document review
• Management of Financial Reporting systems requirements gathering, RFP development, vendor evaluation, selection, system customization, implementation, and maintenance
• Development, testing, and implementation of working prototypes of contract management, project and portfolio management, workflow management, financial reporting, consolidations, accounting automation, contract administration, licensing, and royalty systems.
• Hands-on experience in banking, entertainment, health care, consumer goods, customer service, private equity, business process outsourcing.

In his personal time Ognyan enjoys traveling around the world, biking and serving as an Eagle Scouts leader for his two boys.

Zlatko Petrov

Zlatko Petrov


Zlatko holds Exec MBA from Hult International Business School. He received his MSc. in Embedded Systems Design from the University of Lugano. He also received MSc. in Automation and Control Engineering from the Technical University of Varna and holds Green Belt Design for Six Sigma.
Throughout his career Zlatko held several positions within academia and industry with primary focus on research and innovation. Over the last decade, he was with Honeywell Aerospace, a fortune 100 company, where he held several technical and management positions – most recent of which Engineering Integration Lead and Program Manager of the Flight Bag mobile application. He is a recipient of the Honeywell Outstanding Engineer Award. Over the last decade Zlatko was serving the European Commission as a technical expert for project/proposal evaluation and monitoring.


George Emilov


George brings 30 years of professional experience as CTO in various companies. He was CTO at WebMessenger where he oversaw 120 developers spread over 5 countries and managed all of the key projects. After the WebMessenger exit in 2008, George went to CallWave (now FuzeBox) to continue his managerial duties. He is in charge of overseeing development projects and selecting new talent for VoiVoda. Currently George works as Product Manager at Cisco, but he is involved in advising many startups and mentoring their progress. In his personal time George loves to work on his collection of vintage radios and Hi-Fi audio equipment, troubleshoot problems and building the perfect audio set for his home.

Next Steps...

Please contact us and share your ideas about our vision, because the product that we are developing is for you!